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Supporting, developing and promoting research and knowledge: this is the ambition that motivated us to create the PISCARE FOUNDATION. This initiative is intended as a tool to promote teaching and research.

The Foundation is just in its infancy, but its early hours are particularly encouraging. The projects of conferences, creation of a multimedia library and several research projects presented by professors or young researchers from Togolese universities are now launched. Through exchanges with the business world, we hope to obtain a flexible and reactive management of the projects already in progress; The mobilization of private funds will enable us to finance them efficiently. Through the PISCARE FOUNDATION, we also hope to identify and retain patrons effectively.
Moreover, the opening of the Foundation to the world is a priority for us, because it is part of our desire to place our action in humanity. One way to achieve this goal is to integrate new information and communication technologies into our daily lives. The creation of the website of the foundation is in this sense and the visits already recorded on the site bear witness.
The Foundation provides adequate means and tools for the "know-how in the making" and the knowledge of tomorrow. It stands alongside the State whose support it hopes to obtain. But, on principle, she does not expect anything from him.
With the FONDATION PISCARE other possibilities will be opened. We will be both reactive and pioneering to reconcile "knowledge" and "being": this is how the foundation intends to put know-how at the service of development.

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Who are we?
Piscare From Latin , which means "to fish", reflects the philosophy adopted by the foundation that "When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish".
The PISCARE FOUNDATION is of public utility. It contributes to the livelihood and development of the heritage of reflection and experience accumulated in Togo by social struggles and the movements of ideas. Its objectives are, in particular, to safeguard, make available to the public and make use of the experience gained in public policy.

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